In the 1980's the labradoodle was bred by

Australian breeder Wally Conron for the Royal

Guide Dogs in Victoria Australia. The idea behind

his cross of breeding the Labrador Retriever and

Standard Poodle was to produce an allergy-free, 

non-shedding dog that was gentle, and had an

easily trainable temperate. This was first inspired

by a vision impaired woman.

The labradoodle was then improved from Australian

Labradoodle founders by introducing breeds of the

Spaniel into the labradoodle mix. With this infusion

the genetic health of the labradoodle was improved

along with the complete elimination of shedding. The

Australian Labradoodle has become a

multi-generaltion breed that has organizations that

protect and regulate the overall integrity that the

Australian Labradoodle proves to be. 

Currently the Australian Labradoodles come in 3 sizes miniature, medium, and standard. With either a wool or fleece coat. These coats can range from wavy to very curly and a variety of colors.

At Butterfield Australian Labradoodles we strive to abide by the Australian Labradoodle Organizations standards by testing our dogs to ensure that the their genetic health is of top quality. 

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